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TrueNAS, the world’s most deployed storage software

TrueNAS Mini - Small Footprint, High Performance

What is TrueNAS?

TrueNAS is a Network Attached Storage (NAS) software that shares and protects data from modern-day threats like ransomware and malware. TrueNAS makes it easy for users and client devices to access shared data through virtually any sharing protocol.


How Does TrueNAS Work?

TrueNAS protects data in several different ways depending on your home or business needs. TrueNAS combines RAID redundancy, OpenZFS, Replication, Snapshots, Automatic Corruption Repair, and optional High Availability, to deliver datacenter data protection.


Should I Build or Buy?

TrueNAS Open Storage has a data protection solution for everyone. Hobbyists can use TrueNAS CORE completely for free, while enterprises and organizations can buy a fully-supported storage appliance, with High Availability, to ensure data is always safe, secure, and available.

Manage Your Data Like a Pro

There are many compact NAS options on the market, but only one gives you access to the same tools used by enterprise storage professionals for backing up and sharing your movies, photos, VMs, and files from a single device. The small but mighty TrueNAS Minis stand apart with unmatched power to provide your data with the protection and performance it truly deserves.

TrueNAS Mini Series

Enterprise Appliances and Support

TrueNAS Enterprise systems pair the ultimate data protection and efficiency of OpenZFS with enterprise-grade hardware to take the guesswork and worry out of storage and data management. Flexible configuration options, including high-availability and all-flash configurations, make it easy to integrate TrueNAS Enterprise appliances into any environment.

The Ultimate Data Protection & Storage Optimization

Built on the powerful OpenZFS file system, TrueNAS Enterprise comes with integrated data protection features including copy-on-write and data integrity checks to prevent corruption. Built-in RAID protection, unlimited snapshots, and resilient replication protect your data and facilitate recovery even in the face of hardware failure or malware. Storage optimization features like advanced compression, caching, and thin/thick provisioning maximize storage efficiency.

TrueNAS Open Storage

Try our Recommendation Tool to find which TrueNAS appliance series best fits your specific environment and workloads.

  • HDD, Hybrid, and All-Flash capacity and performance
  • Optimizing for virtualization, media creation, and other workloads
  • High-Availability and Enterprise Support

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