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iXsystems TrueNAS Enterprise
Enterprise Features and Support

  • Enterprise-Grade Storage Appliances
  • Business and Mission-Critical Use
  • Reliability, Data Protection, Performance
  • Enclosure Management
  • Professional Enterprise Support

TrueNAS Enterprise is designed for business-critical data, 24×365 operation, and full Enterprise-grade support. It is delivered as turnkey systems with High Availability (HA) options. Enclosure management, proactive support, and integration with key vendors like VMWare and Veeam are included. Enterprise support services with 24×365 coverage and onsite support options are backed by a global spares network. TrueNAS Enterprise makes it easy to integrate the storage into your organization’s IT infrastructure and deliver reliable and performant storage.


Built on OpenZFS

The OpenZFS file system provides powerful data protection features including snapshots, replication, compression, and copy-on-write.

Storage Freedom

Storage Freedom

Free your data and your budget with no vendor lock-in and our all-inclusive licensing model with no hidden fees for future add-ons.

High Availability

High Availability

High-availability options offer full redundancy of all active components to minimize failover time and maximize uptime.

Enterprise Appliances and Support

TrueNAS Enterprise systems pair the ultimate data protection and efficiency of OpenZFS with enterprise-grade hardware to take the guesswork and worry out of storage and data management. Flexible configuration options, including high-availability and all-flash configurations, make it easy to integrate TrueNAS Enterprise appliances into any environment.

The Ultimate Data Protection & Storage Optimization

Built on the powerful OpenZFS file system, TrueNAS Enterprise comes with integrated data protection features including copy-on-write and data integrity checks to prevent corruption. Built-in RAID protection, unlimited snapshots, and resilient replication protect your data and facilitate recovery even in the face of hardware failure or malware. Storage optimization features like advanced compression, caching, and thin/thick provisioning maximize storage efficiency.

True Data Freedom

Free your data and your budget from proprietary systems and costly vendor lock-in. With our all-inclusive licensing model, you pay one price for all the features with no hidden fees to drive up costs. Available in all-flash or hybrid disk/flash configurations, TrueNAS can be deployed as both a NAS and a SAN and supports block, file, and object protocols.

Flexible & Future-Proof

Whether you need a compact system for a remote office or a high-performance, rack-scale solution, there is a TrueNAS Enterprise system to fit your needs. Grow a system from a few terabytes to over twenty five petabytes on a single head unit. Scalable performance can be tuned to fit the specific needs of your workload or application. Easily integrate TrueNAS into any environment with built-in support for all major hypervisors and cloud backup services. TrueNAS Enterprise is flexible storage that adapts to your ever-changing infrastructure requirements.

When Downtime is Not an Option

When your business can’t afford to go offline, a TrueNAS system with high availability is an ideal choice. Full redundancy of all active components and simple serviceability minimizes failover time and maximizes uptime for mission-critical environments. In the unlikely event that a failover occurs, all services automatically start on the second controller for uninterrupted access.

US-Based Support

Every TrueNAS Enterprise system is fully backed by our dedicated and top-rated professional support team. Enterprise support services with 24×365 coverage and onsite support options are backed by a global spares network to ensure international users receive the same great service.

TrueNAS M-Series

High-Performance Storage Powered by the Latest Technology

For the last word in performance and reliability, look no further than the TrueNAS M-Series.Backed by NVDIMM and NVMe technology, the M-Series is capable of bandwidth up to 10 GB/s and can grow to almost 20 PB in a single rack, enough to support over 10,000 VMs.


TrueNAS R-Series

High-Density, Configurable Storage

The TrueNAS R-Series is packed with value and can scale up to 3 PB of raw capacity. Available in both all-flash and hybrid models, these single controller appliances provide excellent storage density and price performance. The TrueNAS R-Series can be installed with TrueNAS CORE, Enterprise, or SCALE.

TrueNAS X-Series

Compact Storage with Unbeatable Value

Designed for small/medium businesses, the TrueNAS X-Series is a compact storage appliance that can deliver speeds over 2 GB/s and scale up to 1 PB of raw capacity in 6RU. With high-availability options and top to bottom data protection, the entry-level X-Series ensures maximum uptime while providing the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


TrueNAS Enterprise: Features

Multi-Systems TrueCommand, RBAC, Auditing Single Sign-on, Dataset Management Alerting, Reporting, Analytics TrueCommand Enclosure Views, TrueCommand 2.3 SCALE UI (22.12)
Administration Web UI, SNMP, Syslog REST API, WebSockets API NetData (Plugin), Reports vCenter Plugin, API ACLs and Rootless Admin (22.12)
Systems Utilities Tasks, Cron Jobs, Scrips In-Service Updates Alerting, Email, Support Proactive Support Monitoring
Clients and Applications Windows, MacOS, Linux, UNIX, iOS, Android Clients Many applications via SMB, NFS, or iSCSI Integrated applications via ZFS and Containers / VMs GlusterFS client (22.12)
Application Services FreeBSD Jails or VMs (13.0), Windows, Linux, or FreeBSD, and PCie pass-through (22.12) Plex, Asigra, Iconik, NextCloud, other Plugins (13.0) Kubernetes, Docker Containers - App Catalogs (Helm charts), GPU sharing (22.12) OverlayFS, AlderLake GPU, GeForce 30xx GPUs, Bulk App Updates VMs: USB pass-through, CPU Pinning (22.12)
Directory Services Active Directory, 2-Factor Local Users and Groups NIS, LDAP, Kerberos Built-in Administrators (22.12)
Storage Services File: SMB v1/v2/v3, NFS v3/v4, AFP, FTP, WebDAV, rsync, GlusterFS (22.12) Block: iSCSI, OpenStack Cinder, VAAI, Fibre Channel (13.0) Object: S3-Compliant API, Minio clustering, Multitenancy, Cloudsync ALUA, CSI (iSCSA, Gluster, SMB, NFS) (22.12)
Data Management Unlimited Snapshots, Pool checkpoints Space-efficient Clones Replication: Remote, Local, Auto-resume, to Linux ZFS Improved Storage UI (22.12)
Data Protection Accelerated Copy-on-Write, Multi-Copy Metadata Built-in RAID: Single/Dual/Triple Parity, Mirrors, Fast Resilvering, Fast Boot Self-healing Checksums, Background Scrubbing iX-Storj Distributed Storage
Data Reduction Thin/Thick Provisioning In-line Adaptive Compression Clones, Deduplication, Trim
Data Acceleration All Flash, Fusion Pools, Metadata on Flash Read Cache (ARC/L2ARC): RAM/Flash Write Cache (SLOG/ZIL): Flash HA NVDIMM, Dual Port SAS/NVMe (22.12)
Networking IPv4, v6: 1- 100GbE, DHCP LAGG, VLANs Jumbo Frames, TCP options Fibre Channel (8-32Gb) (13.0)
Data Security Self-Encrypted Drives (TCG Opal), Dataset Encryption Encrypted Replication, WireGuard, OpenVPN ACLs, IP Filtering KMIP, SEDs, FIPS 140-3 Validated Encryption (22.12)
Foundation System logging, NTP FreeBSD, Boot Management, SSH, Local Jails, Bhyve VMs (13.0) Debian, Boot Management, SSH Kubernetes, KVM (22.12) Performance Autotune
High Availability Fast ZFS Replication Client-based Mirroring Dual Controller High Availability 10-100 GbE Clustering, VLANs or LAGG (22.12)
Hardware Management IPMI Remote Management SAS JBODs, Global Spares SMART, SSD Wear Monitoring Visual Enclosure Management (GUI)
Technical Support Enterprise Support: Up to 24x7

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